Dive Sites

  • Bintan Dive Sites

    Experience an exciting and one of a kind diving activity in Bintan. It is a perfect site where you can fulfill your enthusiasm in diving and give a glance to its very own magnificence that anyone can appreciate. A total wonder is within your reach by just giving a dive to it.

  • Big Rock

    Big Rock

    Big Rock is a site in Bintan that offers a fine diving experience for amateur and professional divers. Although it has just begun its business, it has already gained positive feedbacks from tourists and guests. It is recommended by many people especially divers who have experienced the place’s excellent features and highlights.

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  • Cabana Jetty

    Cabana Jetty

    Cabana Jetty is one of the famous sister resorts in Bintan. Like the others, it also has an amazing scenic view that captures the hearts of tourists. Seeing its blue water and white sand can make you feel relieved and problem free for it has a calming and soothing effect.

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  • Hassan Rock

    Hassan Rock

    Hassan Rock is one of the must-see attractions in Bintan Island. It is a new dive site that offers a good diving experience for both amateur and professional divers. It has a very good visibility and is known for its perfectly shallow water depth.

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  • One Coconut

    One Coconut

    This resort is located in Bintan Island where you can find lots of beautiful attractions you should visit. Here you can experience a variety of fun sports and activities in and out of the water.

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  • Penyusuk


    Penyusuk is a site in Bintan you should definitely try to visit. Here you can witness a scenic view of its blue ocean which waves wash through the white sand. The best scene is witnessing the sunset as well as the sunrise. It can make you feel relaxed and relieved from stress.

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  • Penunyusuk Batu Half

    Penunyusuk Batu Half

    Penyusuk Batu Half, like the rest of resorts in Bintan, is also well known for its amazing sceneries. It has a very catchy view of the blue sea and the sand. Its wonderful sea beach abounds in coconut trees, panoramic view of the sea and the relaxing silence of the forest. Nature lovers and all guests can rejuvenate their souls in this place where they can relax and have peace of mind.

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  • PT Jetty

    PT Jetty

    This resort found in Bintan is absolutely one of the most exciting spots where you can try different activities like you have never done them before. It is a beach resort that recommends an overwhelming scuba diving that divers will surely enjoy.

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  • Pulau Mapo North

    Pulau Mapo North

    Exploring Bintan is really a must-try experience for it has plenty of beautiful resorts and dive sites. Situated in Bintan are mostly sister resorts that offer the same features yet vary with the uniqueness of their sceneries.

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  • Pulau Mapo West

    Pulau Mapo West

    Located in the west of Bintan is Pulau Mapo West that offers a diving experience you will never forget. It will give you an overwhelming feeling that can make you think you want to try diving all over again and again.

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  • Pulau Payong

    Pulau Payong

    Pulau Payong is one of the nine cluster islands called the Pulau Sembilan. The eight other islands are named Pulau Agas, Pulau Nipis, Pulau Rumbia, Pulau Lalang, Pulau Saga, Pulau Buluh, Black Rock and White Rock.

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  • Sandy Bay

    Sandy Bay

    When one thinks of good diving, Bintan doesn’t often spring to mind, but there is better diving here than many presume. Intermediate scuba divers usually warm up at Sandy Bay, one of the best dive sites in Bintan. Protected from the wind and enclosed with sand dunes it makes for a good place to escape the crowds.

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  • Shallow Truth

    Shallow Truth

    This site in Bintan is known for its water’s fine shallow depth that is advisable for amateur swimmers and scuba divers. It offers a very good typical diving experience for beginners and other water fun sports and activities.

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