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  • Bali Dive Sites

    Bali has been long recognized as one of Asia’s most magical islands – every year, untold thousands flock to the stunning beaches of it’s south coast, and well established tourist industry has sprung up to cater to this influx of Westerners.

  • Biaha

    Biaha Gili Biaha dive site is a small island which has a very good coverage of hard and soft corals, reef slope, deep walls and cave. It is a popular destination for people who love diving and seeing underwater sceneries. Learn more about Biaha

  • Candi Dasa

    Candi Dasa Candi Dasa is a small town situated at the North side of Amuk Bay that offers a lay back environment for excursionists and vacationers who prefer a peaceful and serene place to stay in. It offers a beautiful over sea view at some dive sites located around the Gili islands and the Nusa Penida island. Learn more about Candi Dasa

  • Liberty Wreck

    Liberty Wreck The Liberty Wreck in Tulamben is considered as the most famous and the safest wreck dive in Bali as well as in the world. The USAT Liberty Shipwreck is just a few meters away from the shore. This armed cargo ship which was built in 1918 acted as a supply ship during the World War II. The ship had been damaged so great. Because of this, its attempt to reach Singaraja failed. The crew was displaced and the ship wrecked in Tulamben. Learn more about Liberty Wreck

  • Menjangan Island

    Menjangan Island Menjangan has become popular for its wall diving. The walls descend to depths varying from 26 meters or 85 feet, being the shallowest, to 60 meters or 197 feet as the deepest. They offer the best diversity of gorgonian fans in Bali. They actually begin with the flat coral reefs at 10 meters which offer gentle conditions and sunlight. Learn more about Menjangan Island

  • Padang Bai

    Padang Bay Padang bay is a small town in Bali, Indonesia that serves as a ferry port for boats to Lombok. It is located next to a small bay which offers beaches and shelter for the currents of the Lombok strait. In the south of the Amuk bay, Padang bay lies and it is certainly a good place for scuba diving and snorkeling. Learn more about Padang Bai

  • Pemuteran

    Pemuteran The site has a view of wonderful sea with black sandy beaches and wonderful mountain scenery along the North West coast of Bali with concept “the power of connection between mountain and sea” also known as “Nyegara Gunung”. Learn more about Pemuteran

  • Secret Bay

    Secret Bay Secret bay is the melodious name of Gilimanuk bay. The name was given by the Bali’s diving community. The site is situated in West Bali National Park. The bay is shallow (2 km wide) and it includes 2 small islands and areas of mangrove. Learn more about Secret Bay

  • Sekolah Dasar Point

    Sekolah Dasar Point One popular diving site in Nusa Penida is the Sekolah Dasar Point (SD Point) which is approximately 45 minutes in traveling to site by speedboat. This site is stretch along the north coast of Nusa Penida. It is well known for its exhilarating drift dives, marine life and it is considered to have one of the most beautiful coral garden formations in the world. Learn more about Sekolah Dasar Point

  • ToyaPakeh

    ToyaPakeh Toyapakeh is a very popular dive site in Nusa Penida. It catches a lot of tourists for a variety of reasons. One is because of its richness in fish life due to its constant currents. The current goes through the slope of the Lombok strait instead of running into it. This lets you dip down to 24 meters or 79 feet where you can drift over the fields of corals. Learn more about ToyaPakeh

  • Tulamben

    Tulamben Tulamben is considered as one of the most famous diving sites in Bali, Indonesia. It is located in the richest marine biogeographic zone in the world. This site has become more popular because internationally known underwater writers and photographers are most likely seen in the place. Learn more about Tulamben

  • Other Bali Dive Sites

    Blue Corner, Blue Lagoon / Jepun, Crystal Bay, Drop Off, Gili Tepekong, Malibu Point, Manta Point, Manta Bay, Paradise Reef, Jack’s Point,