Dive Bintan

Dive Bintan

Bintan has been transformed into a leading tourist destination where perfect getaway dream can be reality.It has been blessed with secluded coves, breath taking beaches, and spectacular dive spots lush greenery.

The largest island in the province of Riau. The area is about 1.140 sq. km with a coastline of 105 km. It is an elite paradise. Experience the exquisite beaches, a wide variety of international- class resorts. The island gives the refreshment to our mind and body. Discover a holiday within a holiday and great place for Scuba Diving and divers who look for easy and relaxed dives.

The closest major city is the Singapore. A 45- 50 minute trip motorized catamaran across the South China Sea from Bintan Resort in the northwest of the island. Bitan is the prominent resort and the next best visitor destination after Bali. With its crystal blue waters and white sandy beaches, Bintan is popular for magnificent coral gardens and offer pristine white beaches with extensive water sports amenities from windsurfing, boogie boarding, snorkeling, sailing, canoeing or kayaking to scuba-diving, jet skiing, wakeboarding, boating or fishing trips. Bintan’s marine population includes more than 100,000 species with snails, clams, oysters, squid and sea shells. There are also regular dolphin sightings.

Best time to Dive Bintan

From November to March, the north easterly winds bring in the waves and swells from the South China Sea. It is the best time for wind sports, boogie boarders and long board beginners. The calmer seas are right for diving, water skiing and jet skiing from April to October; it is the best time of the year to take up scuba-diving and snorkeling, when Bintan’s marine life is at its abundant best.

Getting there and around

Fly into Singapore and then catch a ferry from Singapore to Bintan. It’s about a one hour ferry ride from Singapore to Bintan Island. Accessible via high-speed catamarans from Singapore’s Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal.The journey takes about 55 minutes, Check-in time is 1 hour before departure. Each traveler has up to 20 kg baggage allowance. Tickets are accessible at Bintan Resort Ferry at TMFT and through selected travel agents in Singapore. Tickets cost around S$50-59 return / S$40 one way (excluding Indonesia port tax).

Two-way to transfer between your hotel and ferry terminal will be provided by the hotel. Car hire companies located at the ferry terminal are also available to provide transfers to other parts of Bintan Island such as Tanjung Uban, Lobam, Trikora and Tanjung Pinang.

Public transportation on Bintan is very limited, and is probably not worth the effort unless you have a passable command of Indonesian and a lot of time on your hands. Virtually all visitors use taxis or rent cars.